KXLY-Write up November 14 2012

Shaun Allen Rhames Is Using His Talents To Fight Breast Cancer

When I was contacted by Shaun Rhames I could tell this guy had style. The native of Anchorage Alaska is putting his talents to good use and helping fight breast cancer. I had a chance to ask him some question about he's so passionate about the cause.

 How did I get involved with the Susan G. Komen Foundation?

In 2011 my mom Carrie was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She is now a Breast Cancer Survivor. The day she told me she was diagnosed, I contact the Susan G. Komen Foundation. With the idea already in my my mind, I contacted every member via email on the Eastern Washington Susan G. Komen Committee. I received an email from the Board President and was able to set up a meeting. I told them I wanted to make a LIFETIME commitment to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. I explained to them this would not be a one time contribution or donation, but that I plan to do this for the rest of my life. I was able to set up a meeting and tell them the idea I had about designing a reversible necktie for their foundation. They loved the idea. I then signed a 3rd Party Agreement with them.

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