Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Article July 14 2014

Pretty cool, Alison Sherwood, Interactive Lifestyle Producer of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  found us through Google search "reversible ties" and asked us to be apart of her write up. 


National retailers offer a variety of convertible pieces if you look closely. Gap's4-in-1 dresscan be worn as a skirt or at three different dress lengths. Express offers reversible belts,camisoles and dresses. Department stores have dresses with straps that can be configured to create a variety of looks. Anthropologie carries a seamless tank top with a V-neck on one side and scoop neck on the other.

For men, Washington state designer Shaun Rhames created a reversible tie. He saw it as a way to stand out in the fashion industry while giving customers something valuable.

"You are getting two ties in one and for the price of one," he said. The tie features an elastic band that can be switched to be worn on either side, so the reversible nature doesn't hurt its usability.

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